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30th Annual Clinical Care for Patients w/ HIV and Viral Hepatitis (An Enduring Material) Activity

The Johns Hokins University Department of Medicine presents the 30th Annual Clinical Care of the Patient with HIV Infection and Care of Patients with Viral Hepatitis (An Enduring Material) activity.


The purpose of this activity is to provide a state-of-the-art overview of the clinical care of patients with HIV infection for practicing clinicians and other health professionals. The activity will include discussions of HIV epidemiology, clinical management and treatment, and longitudinal care. The material will be clinically oriented with a focus on the latest pertinent data from clinical trials and basic research. Participants can expect to become more familiar with the primary care of the patient with HIV infection and the management of clinical complications of HIV disease.


CME credit is available for completion of all activity requirements.


There are no fees associated with registering for and participating in this activity. 


This activity will be available until July 16, 2024.


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