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MidAtlantic AETC Past, Present, and Future Collaborations

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Practical Applications 4 Module Series

Build your knowledge of comprehensive screening protocols across primary care, substance use, sexual health, and infectious disease!

Join Us for a Virtual Conference provided in collaboration by:
The MidAtlantic AETC, The Danya Institute , the STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center (MAR-PHTC).

This conference (with four linked practical applications modules) will focus on the integration efforts that support practical applications of comprehensive screening. Professionals working in these areas will be able to increase their knowledge of logistics updates in an interprofessional environment. These case-based logistical updates are designed to assist in creating comprehensive screening protocols in primary care, substance use treatment, and infectious disease and sexual health clinics.

This program has been designed for health professionals in Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia.

See each module's registration page for more information.

Module 1: Integrated Screening ProcessesFor more information and to register:

Module 2: Assessment and Referral ProcessesFor more information and to register:

Module 3: Outbreak Risk and ResponseFor more information and to register:

Module 4: Reducing Health Disparities - For more information and to register:




Past Collaborative Events - For more information please contact us at

Increasing Screening for Infectious Disease in Opioid Treatment Programs: Opportunities for Implementation of Screening and Treatment Collaboration

 Collaboration of the Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center and the MidAtlantic AETC

Topics Discussed:

 To enhance and increase screening of infectious disease in Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) and to increase

collaboration among STI/HIV/HCV Clinics, Substance Use Treatment Providers, Family Planning Clinics, and others.

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What's New in Opioids, Mental Health and STIs

Conference Description
This conference will focus on the integration efforts that support a collaborative healthcare approach. Current medical updates in services for STIs, HIV, TB, hepatitis, family planning and addictions will be discussed.
After completing this conference, the learner should be able to state current practice in the care and treatment of STDs, HIV, TB, and hepatitis, explain how to screen clients for substance use issues, identify populations at increased risk for HIV/STIs/Mental Health and Substance use disorder, and demonstrate effective team skills by sharing information effectively, listening and responding to feedback from others, and using simple communication.

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Practical Applications for Screening and Protocols in HIV, STIs, Substance Use and Mental Health

Increasing Screening for Infectious Disease in Opioid Treatment Programs:

Opportunities for Implementation of Screening and Treatment Collaboration

Topics Discussed:

Sexual Health History Taking

HIV Biomedial Prevention

Medication Assisted Treatment

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 Ending the HIV Epidemic: Boot Camp for Community Health Centers

Webinar Wednesdays: Community Health Center Month

Series Description:

The Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers, the West Virginia Primary Care Association, and the MidAtlantic AIDS Education and Training Center have created this six-part webinar series for Community Health Centers who have an integral role in Ending the HIV Epidemic.Participants will hear from fellow Community Health Centers and clinic leaders for a strategy-gathering information exchange to learn more about HIV Routine Testing, Implementation of Routine Testing, Importance of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), and how to access funding for PrEP. The webinars will be an hour in length and will include Q&A as well as audience interaction via polling.

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